Keep them wondering- Who are the real fans Of Lady Gaga.

monsterclaw-lady-gagaJust like her chart-breaking success in the music industry, the relationship of Lady Gaga with her fans that is actually built by her messages about self-acceptance is extremely overwhelming. In the year 2008 Lady Gaga had made an unbeatable entry into the music world. Her album “The Fame” had made her the very first artist that had made a five number one hit in the Billboards Pop Song Chart. She had also grabbed the pop spotlight because of her persona, gender-bending performance, and LGBTQ activism. While she was working on her second album, she had actually developed the theme of a monster both in physical form and as well as to describe her inner fear. During the summer in the year 2009, she had already started to use that name on her live performances. Because of this, the name “Mother Monster” is born and that is why her fans called themselves as “Little Monsters”.

Those people who followed Lady Gaga are called “The Little Monsters” that are significantly allegiance to the “Mother Monster”. They say that they are not just fans, but they are family. These Little Monsters are said to be supporting Lady Gaga since she started in the industry. They said in an interview that their creativity had already led them to some amazing features and they believe they believe in love, compassion, and tolerance which they say that they make the world a better place. As we all know, Lady Gaga is said to be bisexual that is why she has been actively supporting the LGBT community and she had gained many fans from the said community. Because of her intriguing gender, many are asking if there are still straight male that follows her or likes her. Well, the answer to that is, Yes, there is. According to some surveys, there are still but few straight guys who actually follow Lady Gaga. These fans are the ones on the young age. Some of them said that they do not follow Lady Gaga but they like her songs, and some say that they like a real fan of Lady Gaga.

lady-gaga-fansMost of Lady Gaga’s fans are in the age ranges from 13 years old to 29 years of age and most women because most of her song is related to the relationship between men and women. Survey also says that some professionals do not like her and her songs at all. Though she gained followers that are mostly teenagers and young adults, she still gets a huge crowd on her concerts and other shows. As mentioned above, Lady Gaga is loved by those who are considered to be a member of the LGBT community because they say that Lady Gaga had taught them to embrace their differences. These fans of her also say that their fandom is so diverse, but despite their diversion, they make sure that they share the same core and that is to love Lady Gaga. They had considered themselves as one of the kind fans because they love the part wherein Lady Gaga appreciates her fans a lot at that she considers them as a family.