Karma Chameleon: Lady Gaga is also known as...

lady-gaga-the-fame-monsterStefani Joanne-Angelina Germanotta is indeed one of the most talented, theatrical, and fashionable artists of this generation. You might find yourself raising an eyebrow and thinking “Who is that?” It might make more sense if I told you that she is famously known as Lady Gaga.

She is incredibly famous for her hit songs “Bad Romance” “Poker Face” and “Million Reasons”. She is a bright, beautiful yet peculiar artist who has largely contributed to the evolution of today’s music videos. Lady Gaga stated that her stage name was inspired by the song “Radio Gaga” by Queen. Apart from her flair for song writing, acting, and hitting high notes — she’s also well-known for being fabulously eccentric. She’s publicly come out in concerts, events, and her music videos with her alter-egos. I do mean it in the most plural manner. She spices things up a lot by throwing in characters that she likes to embody for herself. ln Lady Gaga’s debut studio album, The Fame (2008), she introduced Candy Warhol during the tour. Candy appeared on the introductory video called The Heart brushing her hair. She has long, straight, white hair with a full fringe and is normally seen to have a ribbon on top of her head. This alter-ego was inspired by the King of Pop Art, Andy Warhol, whose factory was modeled after Haus of Gaga. Lady Gaga said that Andy Warhol pushed her to be able to create meaning to art even in its shallowest form.

In Lady Gaga’s second album, The Fame-Monster (2009), she posed as Morgana Devacelli. Gaga revealed very little information about this brunette alter-ego. She’s only seen on the cover of her second album and appeared on short videos for her The Fame-Ball tour. In 2011, during The Born This-Way Ball tour, Gaga once again surprises the audience with a new alter-ego she called Mother G.O.A.T. She is a diamond-shaped prism with Lady Gaga’s face featuring as its face. Apart from The Born This-Way concern, Mother G.O.A.T was seen floating around the castle of the music video “Paparazzi” lip-synching the lyrics. The character that made the most noise and who’s even been invited to interviews was her male alter-ego, Jo Calderone. The world first met Jo Calderone when he posed for Vogue Hommes in September 2010. He is an Italian bad boy who is usually dressed in a button-down white shirt and black slacks. We also see him opposite Lady Gaga herself in the music video for You and l and saw him live on 2011’s VMA live performance for the same song. Lady Gaga has literally portrayed a different side of her through her alter-egos. She’s shown us a bit of everything, including her as a man. She went further to being a fantastical creature though — Yuyi. She is a mermaid who fell in love with a human being and she appeared on the You and l music video as well as the Fashion Film clip.

Upon the release of Lady Gaga’s 2013 album - “Artpop” there was a frequent mention of a Mary Jane Holland in her lyrics to the same song. This made everyone wonder who this lady is. Mary Jane Hollandas described in the song loves weed and knows how to have a good time. Last, but not least is Joanne. As you’ll notice, Joanne is also Lady Gaga’s real middle name. She affirmed that she was named after her father’s sister who she was very fond of. Her aunt Joanne, however, died when she was still very young. This is her way of telling the world that she’s already morphed into a woman. Her inspiration was rooted from her “angel” aunt Joanne.

lady-gaga-born-this-waySo much has been spoken and said about the popular musician Lady Gaga. A little is known about her. She has appeared in public and made a lot of funs around the world. The question remains on her personality. What do you learn from her characters when she does appear for a Grammy in an egg? A close look at this star reveals a lot about her being and who she really is beyond the stage. Her life has been a puzzle for many as they get it had to understand her. Some people buy a ticket for every event that is featuring the musician. It is good to have some basic knowledge about her in a person. It will help you love her or hate her more depending on which side you fall. The daring Gaga does not blink when it comes to trying out new ventures. As much as there are many rumours going about her life she keeps moving on. Her unique performances have made her stand out as she shocks her audiences ever time she appears. Her presentations are unique and leave a lasting memory to the people. After the performances she will trend for either good or bad reasons. This is the woman who can appear for a show with her head in a box and she won’t care about what you have to say. She loves fun and exploration of new avenues is what keeps her happy and going. Gaga is also a lover of fashion. With the love of self she has on several occasions come up with a new mode of dresses. Her designer made dresses have proved to be of their own outstanding with none to compare with.

While launching an album in the year 2013, Gaga appeared with a dress that can fly. Combining technology with fashion was the source of the fashion. The dress had a cell that charges it and she can move around with it in the air. Her outfits have received a lot of criticism from various people in the world and praise as well. Just like a chameleon, she is unpredictable in nature. You can never know her next move. She may pass by where you are and you won’t notice it. This is due to the adoption of different styles that she makes her appearances in. In 2013 October she had her head covered in fur and got to meet her fans without necessarily seeing them. With a weird spirit of adventure she will do a thing that no one expected from her. This however has made her fans to be used to it and expect a new show up every time they are attending her shows. Her love for art makes her do all sorts of things. She likes to get a new way to do something that will make her stand out. That tells you that she is also a lover of attention as that is what keeps her career moving. Believing in herself and always defending her moves has seen her defend all her moves courageously.