Is there more than a dark side to Lady Gaga?

lady-gaga-illuminatiThe entertainment industry is full of extraordinary happenings. The industry is full of individuals who long for fame. Being famous in this industry of art is a thing to brag about for many. Once you are up there one wants to stay in their position. The fear of competition is real and artists do all that is necessary to ensure such kind of competitors stay at bay. Many go to the extremes of getting all kinds of activities so that their progress does not fade off.

Lady Gaga is one of the popular stars in question who happens to the ‘Queen of Pop’ music has had her ‘piece of the action’ all too often. She has been featured in many occasions either for the good or bad reasons. Whoever is behind all the rumors that keep rotating Lady Gaga’s life did her more good than bad. These rumors and scandals have kept her in the limelight for long enough. Even after she resolved to take a break from her music career, Lady Gaga has remained to be a force to reckon. She has gained a lot of influence around the globe as she keeps trending on the social sites each time her name is mentioned. It has been said that the musician has a kind of spirits that helps her to stay relevant in the industry. A lot of media personnel refrain from talking about this. The accusation of her being involved in the illuminate world has been said to be the one that pushes forth her career.

The musician has been seen on several performance occasions using an illuminati symbol. The common signal that she sends to the crowds is the “all seeing eye" symbol. She won’t finish a show without having it rotate and woe the masses. The illuminati world is said to be the one that is behind her flourishing career in the music industry. Many musicians have been named as members of the cult but Lady Gaga has been said to be a heavy hitter among members of this elite group. It is said that she has a big role that she plays in the cult and has acquired great power that keeps her music alive. How one can move masses and win a great number of fans all over the world is beyond the ability of a common man or in her case -a woman. The illuminati world controls her life and it is said that much of the things that she does in public are instigated by the forces behind her. In the satanic world, there are rituals that are performed to stay in position. Some of these rituals involve human sacrifice. Of which in human sacrifice one has to sacrifice either someone who is close to them or a family member. Rumors have it that Lady Gaga has been behind some mysterious disappearances and deaths of various figures in the industry. She has been accused of being the cause of the death of an upcoming star who posed a threat to her music career. The 19-year-old Lina Morgan died in a strange way. The math’s do not add up on how a rising young artist can commit suicide and take her own life with a promising future in career. Rumors have it that the illuminate forces behind Lady Gaga are responsible. That is to mean that Lady Gaga herself is responsible for the death of this artist. Falling down from a 10 story building hotel cannot be intentional.

Very few people have followed up on this as there has been little evidence to prove the claims In general, the pop-star’s music career has been featured with a lot of scandals that set fire her career from time to time.