How far is Lady Gaga willing to take her fashion designs?

vogue-hommes-japan-meatThink of Lady Gaga and a series of headline sets immediately comes to mind. There is no doubt that, if there is one star that impacts the most in each of her public appearances, that is Lady Gaga. The American singer has made the excess her hallmark, managing to create a style with her own name. But, what came first the chicken or the egg? That is where I intend to go with this lines. We know that Lady Gaga is extravagant...

She likes to draw attention and provoke with her words, her hairstyles, with her performances and, of course, with her dresses. She wants to be talked about everywhere and the truth is that she is getting it. She may be criticized for that. Some accuse her of being sensationalist and of playing with the limit of coherence and good taste so that people remember her. It may be, but the truth is that the formula is delivering results. But I have a big dilemma, and in view of the latest fashion catwalks this year, I'm realizing that more and more designers are imitating Lady Gaga in their outfits. Straight shapes, extravagant colors, impossible designs and bizarre... seems to be setting trends. But of course, why not be the other way around? I mean, could Lady Gaga's look be just a copy of the designers' most impossible dresses? That's where I wanted to go... I know that this girl has strength, that she sets a trend and that she is an icon of fashion (of the bad fashion perhaps, but she is an icon) and as such, she is watched, pursued and observed, but from there to influence the great designers when it comes to making their models, I see it somewhat exaggerated.

Few could not remember the attire composed entirely of raw meat or their custom-made telephone cap or bra to fire. And although her style leans toward the scandalous, she has proven to be as popular with designers as her band. Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, and Nicola Formichetti have created personalized pieces for her, while she endorses the new designers with the same frequency which she will choose pieces by Alexander McQueen or Saint Laurent. Domingo Rodriguez believes that everyone should have something extraordinary in the wardrobe, and so Lady Gaga who during her stay in Barcelona chose two designs from this 23 year old fashion designer. With just three collections on the market, less than a year and a half with his “Dominnico’ brand and two fashion shows at Alicante Fashion Week, The fact that your designs are seeing by more than 27 million followers that the pop diva has on lnstagram is an unattainable dream for many. If you add that she has chosen the photo with one of her models on her profile, she has written "Dominico, I love your outfit", which, in addition, posted a video in which she danced with another of her creations and He has taken with him five more designs from Alicante, everything becomes something that Domingo Rodriguez still cannot believe. At the moment his way is clear: "Offer something that nobody offers". And to see that this garment "has become a reality in Lady Gaga's body", proves that "everything has had a meaning and that I should not be doing things so badly".