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We all love Gaga and wish we had an ounce of fame as she does. Everyone knows that Pop icons in particular are very interesting people because of what they do and how they do it. From their dressing, straight down to their words- there is always something to say about them. We know that you want to have the news and gossip as soon as possible and that is why we are here. We are a team that is dedicated to giving you the best from the numerous layers of Lady Gaga news and information. It takes a very special team and this page serves to tell you who we are.

Dee-Dee Pierce: Site editor and writer

Hello there! I have a special place for writing in my heart and I am grateful I was given the talent to do the same. Putting words together to create articles is what I do best and I am glad you are here to read it all. My duty here is to write and edit the content you find on the website. I give it my all and you can be sure of finding the best content right here. Oh, I almost forgot! I looove the Lady Gaga and pop culture! It is just fascinating and fun to learn and write about. Explore this amazing culture with me! You will not find information about her- told in such an interactive and fun way like we do here.

Alan Shepard: Contributing writer

I am a pop music stage manager and I love my job. On a day to day basis, am able to interact with the biggest stars as well as those starting out. I share my experiences with you, the blog readers. I will take you to the big stage, tell you what unfolds. If you ever wonder how ‘Gaga’ arrived to the stage at her latest concert? We’ve got those stories covered! I have access to behind the scenes activities about Mother Monster that the industry is too shy to cover. Like when makeup goes wrong to costume fails that show a whole other side you never see in Gaga, I’ll bring that information to you as well.

Melanie Kenner: Head writer

Pop music is my favorite music genre and my all-time favorite pop icon is Lady Gaga. l just love how daring that lady is; not to mention her awesome voice and personality. I attend almost all her concerts and I really hope I will meet her soon. Wish me luck guys! Other than pop, I love writing and that is why I am a part of this team. I am the head writer and will be putting together most of the articles you will find on this website. I really hope you enjoy being here and feel free to leave comments and share the content.

There you have it; the team behind Lady Gaga Source. We strive to keep all of you Mother Monster fans entertained and increasing your knowledge about what makes sense to bring to the front. We do hope that you like the content- however if you don’t find what you’re looking for please let us know here:


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